Life Update – My New Job!

Over the past few months I've teamed up with a wonderful company (our city's top magazine), Fort Worth Texas Magazine. I will start blogging for them and also be producing home design and DIY videos as well! I will also be posting those videos right here on The Blissful Bee, so make sure to watch out for them soon! I've been wanting to dish the news for quite some time now, but haven't been able to talk about the partnership "officially" until now.


Ok, and now for the kicker... Drum roll please... Over those same months, I also began interviewing for a position at the magazine I like to call a "dream job". I interviewed for about 3 months for this job not knowing if it was what God wanted for me. There were many nights I spent praying for an answer. Whether or not I got the job, that wasn't in my hands. I knew whatever came of it, was meant to be.  And guess what? After nearly 4 months of waiting and not knowing, I GOT IT. I was offered the job and simply couldn't pass it up.


After joyfully accepting the position, I got to thinking. You know how people say hard work pays off? Well, those people are right. I've been working the past 5 years in many different positions and occupations. Graphic designer, photographer, web developer, business owner, blogger, writer, interior designer, you name it, I've done it all. Over these 5 years, I wondered if any of these efforts would ever accumulate to anything meaningful. I've always admitted I'm not the BEST at anything, but I'm pretty darn good at a lot of things. Well, that used to get me no where! Most people are looking for the BEST in one particular talent, and honestly, I'm fine with admitting I'm not the world's best anything. (I mean c'mon, who can actually say they're the best at anything??)

Anyways! When I first read the job description I remember it saying "In need of a talented generalist." I thought... talented generalist? That's a bit odd! What is a talented generalist??" But then I realized, wait a minute... that's exactly what I am! As I read more and more into the description, I began realizing this job called for nearly every talent I had. If you're wondering what the position actually is, I will be working as an Audience Development Manager, but the title does little to describe the actual scope of work. I won't get into the full job description, but lets just say I won't be bored!!



I am so thankful that the life path I chose for myself (and sometimes didn't intentionally choose) led me to where I'm going. Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you think it will. But at the same time, those change of plans actually lead you exactly to where you are meant to be. I never knew I would be working for a magazine as awesome as Fort Worth Texas Magazine and I cannot wait to start this new adventure. Cheers to a new journey!!



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Wayfair Rug to Room + 15% Off!

If you're familiar with this little blog of mine, you've probably already figured out how much I love re-designing spaces. Whether I'm actually re-designing a space of my own, or dreaming up a mood board of sorts, I've constantly got new ideas rolling around in my head at all times.

Typically when I begin designing a space, I find a source of inspiration to start from. Today I'm teaming up with to dream up a fun space using a rug for my source of inspiration. Lately I've been drooling over this indoor/outdoor Dash & Albert Diamond rug. It's SO stunning (and if you ask me) it's the perfect source to gain inspiration from. Today I've created a little "Rug to Room" Guide for any of you looking to build a room off of this amazing rug. And for a little bonus, has offered you guys a 15% off coupon code for ALL area rugs from now through August 4th!!! Just type in the code RUGLUV07 and you're all set!

* Note: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


1. Dash & Albert Rug  2. Pendant  3. Ottoman  4. Set of Lamps  5. Grey Tufted Love Seat
6. Hydrangea Set of 3 Florals  7. Beige Wingback Chair  8. Set of 2 Accent Pillows
9. Urchin Decor  10. Gold Giraffe Figurine  11. Mirrored Console Table 

I also found another favorite Jute rug with a fun diamond pattern as well. So if you're looking for a rug for a space that tends to get dirty, like a kitchen or something, a jute rug might be the way to go! They still have fun patterns and textures, but they're a lot easier to clean in my opinion. AND they tend to hide dirt if you're lazy like me!

And remember, don't forget to use your coupon code before it's too late! It's valid now through August 4th. Wayfair has given me my own special code, so make sure to use RUGLUV07 at checkout for 15% off!


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Work it Wednesday No. 58

Welcome back to Work it Wednesday everyone!! Y'all ready to link up some more amazing projects?? Ready, set, go!!


Amy from The Blissful Bee
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Alrighty now let's see what my lovely co-hosts have been up to this week!


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DIY Faux Marble Backdrop

Lately I've been photographing the occasional food and drink posts for the blog. I've noticed I'm not 100% crazy about the way my granite countertops have been photographing. Don't get me wrong, I love my kitchen countertops, but I just don't love how they look in photos because they're a bit busy. I've been looking for a marble slab option instead (maybe purchasing a small sample or something?), but everything was just too expensive. That's when I came up with my DIY faux marble backdrop idea. For only $5 for the entire project, I was pretty happy with my outcome!


I was recently walking through Home Depot browsing around for no reason when I stumbled upon the vinyl tile isle. I know what you're probably thinking. Ew! Why?? Well I don't know! I just ended up there! Anyways, I looked up and saw a faux marble vinyl tile for $.99 per tile. I wouldn't choose this for my floor, but I knew it would be PERFECT for photographing my food and drink posts! All I had to do was stick them to a hard surface (because they are a peel and stick vinyl) and I would have my faux countertop.

I then wondered over to my local Dollar Store to pick up some foam board for the backing. I didn't want anything heavy because I knew I would be moving it around a lot, so the light weight foam board was perfect! And it was only $1, so after purchasing 4 vinyl tiles at $.99 each, this made my entire project total up to $5. Not too bad, huh??



1. I bought 4 tiles, so my total backdrop size was 24 in. x 24 in. I laid my tiles out on top of my foam board (keeping the tile backing on) and then cut my foam board to fit the length of the tiles. KEEP the left over foam board because you will use it later.

2. Now remove the sticky backing and start placing your vinyl tiles onto your foam board.

3. There will be some tiles hanging off one end of your poster board, so you will need your leftover board for the next step.

4. Place your leftover board onto the remaining sticky tiles that are hanging over the poster board.

5. Once your tiles are attached to your board, tape the edges with masking tape to avoid a sticky edge. The vinyl tiles are REALLY sticky, so I didn't want to put up with sticky edges all the time.

And you're all done! I've used my faux marble countertop already in yesterdays post and LOVE how it turned out. It's super easy and VERY affordable to make.



And just because I have to… Bailey and Bella were my sidekicks during this little project. As usual!

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